CAC's Between States exhibition

Society of Typographic Arts 'STA 100' Winner 2018

While freelancing for Chicago design studio Studio Blue, the team and I developed the identity for the Chicago Architecture Foundation (now Chicago Architecture Center)'s exhibition, "Between States". The concept for the identity was inspired by the existing Chicago Architecture Biennial identity, which uses repetition, contrast, and words to make visual patterns. 

The resulting identity system is based on a grid of lines of uniform thickness, providing flexibility in patterns across a range of materials. The gradual density of the pattern illustrates the literal change between states and emphasizes the transition from light to dark. The identity uses the same typeface as the existing Biennial logo, but approaches it in an alternative way through the introduction of pattern.

The variety of pattern combinations was then translated into the 4 themes of the exhibition (No Spaces Left Behind, Vacant to Vibrant, New Ideas Need Old Buildings, and Social Networks) and reflected in the titles of each exhibition board.

Deliverables of this project were: 50 exhibition boards, 4 large theme walls, and the overall identity system to be used in email blasts and digital marketing as well as the show. Concept by Brad Sturm and I overseen by Cheryl Towler-Weese at Studio Blue.

Photos either taken from CAC's website or my own.