(heart): a thesis

My Bachelor of Design thesis project, <3 (pronounced "heart"), was completed May of 2017.

Final pieces: Coptic-bound book, series of 5 prints, archival book box, exhibition poster.

Thesis statement: Influenced by text messages sent and received by my boyfriend and me, this piece explores the connection between permanence and meaning. While texting is mainly informal and perceived as ephemeral, I sought to intentionally undermine these qualities by typesetting five text messages by hand and printing them on a letterpress--a deliberate, labor-intensive, contemplative process that heightened the meaning behind the messages in unexpected and surprising ways, and imbued each with lasting values, preserving them for posterity.

We were given free reign on subject matter for this project and were just told to make a book at the end of the semester. One of my instructors, Meghan Ferrill, gave me an initial prompt that guided this project from start to finish. The book includes a glossary of printing terms, a log of all the work I put into the preparing, typesetting, and printing, and screenshots of the original text messages next to photographs of the press lockups.

Printed on UIC's Vandercook I press with the assistance of Daniel Mellis.