It starts with sex ed: Celebrating 30 years of CWHC health education

While working as a design associate at Leff, I designed an identity for the Chicago Women's Health Center's event, It starts with sex ed: Celebrating 30 years of CWHC health education. 

The CWHC is a non-profit that works with women and trans people to provide access to pay-what-you-can healthcare and education in a safe and respectful environment. I was asked to join the development team because the client mentioned potentially wanting some hand-lettering elements in the final design. I was immediately drawn to the mission of the CWHC and the people they worked with and for, and I never pass up an opportunity to hand-letter at my 9–5 job!

The scope of the project included assets for web, various social media platforms based on a different theme a week, and a printed program for the event. Some of the finished work is shown above. Here's a Q&A with my co-worker Annie and I about the process of the design and lettering of the identity, and here's an overall view of the final project.

All hand-lettering and illustrations done by me in Illustrator and Procreate. The "Chicago Women's Health Center" logo was an existing asset, and the font used with the main sex ed logo is Akzidenz Grotesk.